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September 17, 2011 / encompassky

Summary: First Week of School

Is pretty interesting.

I’ve been wanting to document each day as it goes on, but HA, fat chance of that. So I’m sitting my lazy ass down now to try and remember anything worth noting the last couple of days. It’s 2:15am right now so I doubt I’ll think of anything good.


It was the mid-autumn festival which was apparently a public holiday too so fancy that. And apparently, people over here barbeque on the day. So you can imagine the horror when Dad and I went to Costco during the weekends to get milk and OJ, BIG MISTAKE THERE, we could barely move within the sea of people swarmed over the meat section. It was terrifying.

Anyways, on Monday the Overseas Chinese Student Association (OCSA) had a barbeque event in the evening, and as the group consists of the few of the only people I know in this whole country, I figured it might be fun to go. It was at this park a walkable distance from the school, and since they’re meeting at the MRT stop, I figured I could go public transportationing. So I took a bus to the MRT and then took the train down, all the while holding the map, just in case. Reached a little late, but reached anyways.

It was fun, and we had nice food, although we spent the first hour or so trying to get the fire going. It was pretty dark and what few street lamps were there weren’t bright enough for us to see what we’re actually cooking, so the whole time I had my android out with the flashlight. Thankfully it was fully charged and lasted the entire night. This is a pic of the oyster that our group decided to try barbequing

The OCSA is awesome. So many people from all over the world – America, Spain, South Africa, Paraguay, Fiji (YES IKR SO COOL!) and they’re the only ones whom I can speak English to and with them I don’t get embarrassed by how bad my Chinese is xD


First day of school. Damn I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep the day before. Took the bus to school in the morning for a class that I didn’t manage to register but would like to add. I’m not really sure about how add-drop works in SG since I’ve never really done it before, but here most of the classes, to add them, you have to attend the class where the prof will hand out 授權碼 to applicable people, some sort of number to key into the online registration system before you can add it. So I went to the class I wanted to add, something about music and the brain, and then found out that the number will only be given next week and those who wants to add the class will have to write an essay of 1000 words as a review of one of three books on neurology. I though all was lost because I sure won’t get it with my crap chinese. BUT. I emailed the TA and asked if I can write it in English, and she said that the prof allows most written work to be in English in this class. So I was like FYEAH!! It is now possible.

There was a 2 hour break including lunch till the next class, so I figured I could walk around a bit. So I went out of the school and started walking in a straight line to see where I end up. Somehow I ended up at a Subway where I decided to have my lunch at. While ordering I wasn’t really sure how to read the three words for Parmesan bread, so instead of embarrassing myself I did the pointing thing. Which ended up to be just as embarrassing because the lady looked at me all weird.

The second half of the day was sociology class. The prof was in Japan, so the TAs took over and pretty much just told us what books to buy and a little bit about the lesson, that’s it.

After class,  a whole group of my classmates went to buy the books together, and being the loner that I am, went home.


There was French in the morning xD I didn’t manage to register for this class too, so I went really early just in case the registration numbers were given out first come first served basis. I arrived like..half an hour earlier and waited outside the classroom. Waited for around 20 minutes, and I was just wondering why there were nobody there, when I realized I was at the wrong building. So I panicked and ran out of the building to look for the right one. Turns out it was at the building next to where I was. Five minutes late to class, but at least still managed to get a seat.

It felt like I was back in RG as 95% of the students are female lol.

This class the prof gave out the registration numbers by drawing lots, priority to the year 1s (booyah!) so I somehow managed to get it xD

PE was after that, yes PE in University! I  wasn’t sure what the dress code was, so I just wore my tshirt and jeans there with a pair of track pants in my bag. We didn’t do much the first lesson, the coach just talked on and on about the importance of health and staying healthy, and eating right and all that healthy stuff..and then he took attendance and asked all of us to do a short intro saying your name and which high school you’re from. Gawd I hate those.

After lunch we had intro to anthropology class, and while waiting for the prof, the class started to decide and vote on the exco members. I then realized that everyone already knows everyone else in the class by first and last name, and I only know the english name of one kid. So while everyone was being rara and participating in the whole thing, I just sat on the side being quite amused.

(Nothing much happened Thursday (except for some perverse reason I’ve been looping the Party Rock Anthem the whole day) so I’m gonna skip to Friday)


I have French again in the morning, and a 4 hour break before the next class (which is chinese) so I went home first and rest a little bit, before Dad sent me to school again.

Chinese class.

I’ve never wanted to cry so much since I’ve been here.

The placement test results were so that my freshmen english is waived, and I didn’t have to attend the extra chinese lessons on Saturdays, so I’ve been put in a normal class for other overseas chinese students who also didn’t have to attend the extra chinese lessons. I thought it would be quite alright since everyone else is not a native Taiwanese, but I forgot about where most of them came from.

Half of the class were from Hong Kong/Macao, the other half were from Malaysia.Which means everyone is awesome at Chinese except for me. Well plus this one girl from the states but she seems to be pretty good at it too.

The curriculum is full of novels and passages and authors and historical accounts and poems that I’ve never even heard of, yet when the prof ask who has read this and that, almost everytime more than  half of the class raised their hands.

I was like like holy crap I’m gonna jump off a building now.

So I came out of the class all sad and stuff, but then there’s the OCSA Freshmen dinner right after, at this curry place which was really goooood, and so I was like phew something to take my mind off chinese for now. Met up with my fellow freshmen some of whom also just came out of their chinese classes. We were talking about it and it seems like my class is the most hectic class of all. FML.

During the dinner, it was really cool in a weird way cause the person who sat in front of me had the same last name as me. What’s weirder is that we’re from the same city in America and his high school is my high school’s rival school.

It’s a small world after all.



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  1. blackbrownsocks / Sep 18 2011 1:27 am

    I kinda want to laugh in your face about the Chinese lesson thing (better you than me =D) but I figured that’ll be a little too cruel. ^^; So instead, I’m gonna tell you, be glad you don’t have Asian Art and that you probably should’ve flunked the placement test on purpose.

    How’s adapting to life in 繁体?

  2. encompassky / Sep 18 2011 7:37 am

    At least Asian Art is in freakin English! xD 繁體 is horrible…I can read 80% of them but it hurts my head and makes the bed even more appealing than it already is..T-T I wanted to flunk the placement test initially but I don’t want lessons on saturdays so I went all out for it >_<

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