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March 16, 2012 / encompassky

Alt QQ Dog 中離狗

This is about an awesome event yesterday that’s inspired me lots.

During club activity yesterday, a band was invited to perform for us and share with us their experiences, plus a bonus jam session with them at the end.

These guys were the grand champion of the Asian Beat 2011 Taiwan and represented Taiwan in the grand finals in Korea, in which they came in second, so it’s kinda surreal to have them here.

However they turn out to be really nice and down to earth guys~

The bassist is actually our senior from many many years ago, and is currently doing his doctorate. Who knew, a Dr. Bassist! He wears a cap and has a dangly thing on his 5 string bass and is a pretty amazing dancer o.o Seriously, I was kinda stunned when he started hopping around with his bass during one of the songs, and I was just praying that he won’t trip over the cables..

The guitarist looked serious and intimidating at first but he turned out to be a very funny dude with OMG PINK HAIR!! And what’s more IT MATCHES HIS PINK SHOES!!

The drummer is a ridiculously good-looking pretty boy, but his drums skills are so fierce it’s unbelievable.

The lead singer, who’s also the leader, plays an acoustic guitar and came across as a rather shy and awkward guy. His voice was very clean and comforting and fitting for their songs, which gives off a very summer, running-through-a-field type of feeling. I like those songs, they remind me very much of anime openings.

They played a total of 5 songs (if i remember correctly) and I like them all very much, even though I don’t really listen to chinese songs.

Best of all, these guys are hardcore LoLers. So much that they name their band after the shortcut key command. Apparently the guitarist had been a professional StarCraft player or something. At the very beginning of the Q&A session, the first thing that they did was to ask us if there’s any LoL questions we wanna ask, or if anyone wants their account names. I’m not a mmo player, but I can really feel the geek vibe emitting from them as throughout the whole session. Especially when they kept making LoL in-jokes. It was awesome.

At the end there was a jam session. Seeing them jam is like looking at magic in the making. I was all like “HUH? What?! How the heck did they do that?!” and my jaw was dropped the whole time. It seems like they have telepathic connection of some kind with each other and always know where the progression is going >_>

Immediately after the session, i ditched the supper group and headed back to my dorm, picked up my guitar and started practicing my scales. Whenever I feel that it’s too late for me to be awesome at guitar, I listen to Uverworld’s Just Break the Limit. I think I blogged about its lyrics before, and my favorite part of the song said that it’s never too late to start learning something – even if you started learning the piano at a late age, its 88 keys and countless melodies will be able to accompany you for the rest of your life.

So it’s still not too late for me! Give myself another 3 years, I’m gonna do it!

Edit: I’m gonna leave a couple of links here regarding this band:


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