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September 10, 2011 / encompassky


They came and fixed it up two days ago.

Which was awesome, but now I can’t seem to find what to do online. I kept having the urge to blog when there was no internet, yet now when I DO have it, I forgot what to write about. Bummer.

I guess if it’s something important it’ll come to me eventually.

So anyhoo, what I did today: went to campus to sit for the English and Chinese proficiency test. English was a breeze, but Chinese almost made me jump off the building. I never knew chinese words could look like that. They were all in 文言文 with the 之吾者也 scattered around that made no sense. The first section were all about idioms that I’ve never seen before and asking to pick out the wrong word in each idiom and choosing the appropriate context etc. It was horrible.

Other things that happened lately: I caught a cold. Went to the freshmen orientation on the first day, runny nose and all cuz I thought it was no big deal, but then I felt super sick, but still decided to make it till the end of the day. I did but instead of taking the bus back I called Dad to pick me up. Went to the doctor’s right after. Doctor asked it was my first time there and Dad said yes, but when Doctor looked into the computer system, there was a recorded visit in 1994. I was three. Lol.

So I took the medicine and slept for the rest of the day and the next, deciding not to go for the rest of the orientation – it wasn’t really that fun anyways, or maybe it’s cause I’d felt too sick to enjoy anything. What a nice start to my new uni life eh?

That said, tomorrow’s the clubs showcase day and freshmen concert. Might drop by to check out the clubs, but will probably miss the concert for some rest at home.

I have the internet at home anyways xD

August 29, 2011 / encompassky

Moving Buddies~

It feels like I’m forever packing/unpacking stuff. And even then I still suck at it =.=

Over the years, as my awesome toy collection grew, my top priority had always been, of course, to ensure their safety throughout their little expedition. This time, I’ve parted with half of them when I sent dad off today, and the rest I pack them in small boxes which used to hold pastries and other stuff.

Then I had to snap some photos because they looked so cute in their little boxes, while I noted to myself the Toy Story 2 reference and wondered if they like who they’re boxed with, and if they fight over it at night. xD

God of Rock seems displease xD His leg is broken though..

Vault boy and Nemmy look happy together~ But Nemmy looks like he wanna nom Vault boy..

Lord Saddler shoves Verdugo, “Keep you tail to yourself!” Kekeke, master/bodyguard xD

Licker doesn’t fit anywhere =[

*Back to packing*

August 22, 2011 / encompassky

Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention

It was awesome.

Day 0

(STGCC was actually only 2 days, but the day prior was spent rushing the costume and since no sleep was involved, it felt like one super long day so it only feels right to include it as part of the experience. )

The costume this time was the minecraft character, Honeydew, from the Yogscast.

It was really a pain in the ass, building the damn thing. I’d thought that since we’re working with paper instead of cloth, it’d be much easier to handle, BUT GAWD NO. First of all, measurements became so much more important. When sewing, one less or one more cm doesn’t make much difference, but when you’re building a box it makes all the difference in the world. Especially when you’re building a wearable box. Fortunately, the boards I got are of this weird size that magically fits the dimensions I needed, so I had that going for me.

BUT, adhesive is another giant headache, which you can avoid when dealing with cloth since sewing is pretty much the only way to go, but is crucial when dealing with paper. I used white glue at first, but the stupid substance takes forever to dry (I can watch an episode of Glee complete with commercials on TV and it’s still not dried) so in the end I opted for double-sided tape. And double-sided tape required flaps in order to bond, so I had to have another round of measuring to include the flaps.

One other annoying thing, in fact, the most annoying thing about this whole project is that I can’t seem to find the right colors (you might never have that problem with cloth). I had planned on spray painting the whole thing after the base is done, but mom insisted that I’m gonna die of carbon monoxide poisoning, so the only other two options I had were to either paste colored paper over, or paint. I did both. But the color paper I got was of the wrong shade, so Honeydew had to become asian. Then my burnt umber paint ran out, so I replaced with burnt sienna, and my grey paint ran out, so I had to mix white and black, then I realized my vermillion paint is more pink than orange-red, and my red paint dried up, so I had to mix raw sienna with orange, and it was already close to 5 am in the morning of the next day. I thought I wasn’t gonna make it, but my sister had made me the head gear and my dad helped me along so voila – IT IS DONE.

Day 1

I texted Yadi in the morning to announce my completion, as she’s been up all night making her Xephos as well, and after that I gave CJ a call to wake him up. He arrived kinda late and took a long time to doll up, I don’t blame him cause crossdressing is no small task, especially when it involves water balloons, a corset and a wig. And make-up of course, which I am absolutely no help at all *bows head in shame*.

So we left my house around 10 something and reached at a little before 11 (we got a bit lost amongst the expressways) and met up with Yadi at the lobby (was supposed to be there at 10, sorry for making you wait…=[). There weren’t many cosplayers there, even though the event had already started an hour ago. The line for the tickets though, were swarmed with people queuing for the limited edition Hot Toys. If only I were rich ;_;

As we didn’t get tickets for Day 1, we set up our outpost outside the unused event halls and took a long time deciding if we should start wearing the boxes.

Looks like a pile of dismembered (pixelated) bodies.

There’s a specific way to go about wearing the outfit, and it shall be strictly followed:

  1. Make sure there’s an elevated space to place the head and arms, or a friend to help out.
  2. Wear the legs.
  3. Put on the torso.
  4. Try to reach for the head (it being on an elevated space would help) or get a friend to hold it for you.
  5. Reach into the arms and grab the grab bar inside.
  6. Dance around =D

I have to say, it was pretty challenging to wear the outfit. It’s warm inside, the head and arms are pretty heavy, and we can barely walk. We had to shuffle around like zombies. But everytime we put them on, we can’t take them off from like…what feels like half an hour at least. The wall of photographers forms up almost instantly, and most of them are parents, of little kids who are just plain adorable (once of them gave us high fives, how cute is that!). It’s awesome, and we don’t even have to pose or do much. In fact, when we break for lunch, we stacked the outfit in a sitting position, and the wall is still there. A cosplay outfit that wears itself – how cool is that? And we didn’t even plan for it.

Some people thought we were transformers Most people recognized us as minecraft characters, but only a few managed to recognized Honeydew and Xephos. I was surprized when Sera came and was all “YOGSCAST!!!!” I didn’t know he was a yognaut~ And this other group of yognauts requested a photo when we were resting, and we were sorely tempted to do the salute. This other dude and his bunch of friends were looking underneath our heads and going “omg they’re girls!” lawl.

The best thing about the whole event is that we’ve actually been interviewed by Gamespot Asia!! Complete with a mic and camera. I’m afraid to see the video if it goes on anywhere cause I’m sure I had a creepy wide grin during the whole thing. It was awesome.

Day one ended with dinner at Pepper Lunch. I’d say that THIS WAS A TRIUMPH. I’M MAKING A NOTE HERE HUGE SUCCESS.

Day 2

No matter what people say, Planet Nerd is still the best place to be.

Since we’ve got day two tickets, we left our costumes at home and went in the afternoon after lunch at this weird korean restaurant (the only one we saw that didn’t have a longass queue and service charge.) While waiting for our tickets from a friend, War Machine was posing at the entrance, which naturally attracted a swarm of people. According to sis apparently the whole outfit is made of paper, which was amazing.

We got our tickets, went in, and started geeking out. This made me really miss Frank n Son’s back in LA.

Although Bandai didn’t have a booth this year, the giant floor dedicated to Hot Toys sculpture exhibit was enough to cover for it. They were just amazing. If only I could ever get to that level of competence at sculpting. DREAM BIG GUYS. That, or just be rich.

Speaking of rich, we were browsing this figurine booth, when this guy in front of me was gonna buy this gun replica, and he took out a STACK of 50 dollar notes FOLDED IN HALF, and counted out two. He didn’t even take them out of his wallet or anything, just out of his bag, as if that is his budget for the day. *sadface*

While I was buying a Mighty Mugg, this other guy was haggling with the booth owner about the price of something, and the owner was like, “550? Can be a bit more?” And the guy was all thinking about it, then he said he’s paying in cash, and the owner was all thinking about it, and at that point I just became more miserable. Cons are unhealthy for the wallet and the mind. Makes you all depressed.

Unless you have a stack of 50 dollar notes to spend, that is.

So we walked around some more, watched Marvel vs Capcom tournament, met up with sis who brought the kids in, got my Legend of Huma comic book signed by STANLEY ARTGERM LAU F’YEAH!, got a few bobble heads, then finally we went to see the cosplay competition.

There were only seven or eight contestants, I don’t really remember, but War Machine won, and Monster Hunter got second place. Out of the few contestants, there were two Sucker Punch cosplayers, Babydoll and Rocket, which was cool. And I saw Kippi irl for the first time. It was…rather expected, I guess. Her voice was surprisingly low though.

It was this morning when sis told me that apparently, Hayley Williams was there o.O I didn’t believe her at first because I’d expect a large crowd there just to see her, but googling a little bit confirms that yea she was there.  But I guess on Planet Nerd, a limited edition batman figurine trumps rockstars xD


August 12, 2011 / encompassky

Cutest Thing I’ve seen in a While

But in a quite sadistic kinda way, methinks.

I’m still laughing. Who knew rolling ducks could be so funny XD

Ah well. Thank god for the internet. With the craziness of a 10 yr old hyperactive boy amongst the many annoying things that have been bugging me this whole week, plus a nice sprained ankle to top it all off, this came at a great time.

August 6, 2011 / encompassky


I think I’m quite a busy person, really.

Of course not as in a i’m-making-such-good-use-of-mah-tyme kinda way, but i really feel there’s not enough time in a day to accomplish what I wanna do. (aka the games I wanna play but can’t find the time to)

So I’ve decided to do a little analysis of my typical day and see if there’s any way I can squeeze in some game time.

But I thought about it, and realized that actually, my days aren’t that all typical. Random stuff just keep popping up and I had to deal with them, and sometimes that just cost me the day. For example, the god-relatives visit (as mentioned in the previous post) , where we have to act as tour guides for the week. My god-aunt is returning tomorrow, leaving my god-cousin behind till end of this month, which naturally means more babysitting time for me and sis.

Then there’s the Orchid Garden movie. Gawd how I wish this project will end soon. It’s like running on a treadmill, draining so much energy and it’s going no where! I’m supposed to make this animation sequence and a book to supplement the movie when it gets done. Mom wants to make it in time to broadcast at the World Orchid Conference, so tomorrow we’ve set up a meeting with the Orchid Society of South East Asia at the botanical gardens to…i don’t really know what we’re gonna do. Pitch our thing, I guess.

And to our great disturbance, mom got dengue fever, which means that stuff that she usually does, will fall to either sis or me. Or dad, but dad doesn’t really do much when it comes to our projects. The teaching job too. Mom usually takes care of everything, but now someone else has to do it. I help, but it’s too much of a commitment for me to carry any greater responsibility, since I’m gonna leave quite soon.

And then there’s all that school stuff. It’s the start of the new semester in Taiwan already, and there’s a shit load of admin stuff to clear. I’ve just recently managed to re-enroll into the school, took a few phone calls and mass confusion while I attempted to get some English speaking person on the phone to better communicate with, but to no avail, and had to struggle through with my simple Chinese. But that was done. And now I gotta start choosing courses and all that university stuff that gives me great pain T___T

I’m quite sure there are more things to do, but the above is pretty much what I’ve been up to. There’s constantly something to do ALL THE TIME, so any free time is not really free at all. And of course, taking into account the time I spend on the usual interweb stuff, like forums, facebook, twitter and occasionally, like now, my lonely blogs, and sometimes before sleeping, an hour or two of a show or a movie.

I would really appreciate if I can have something that is completed and out of my head for once. That’s why i kinda look forward to going back to Taiwan. It might seem like running away from problems, because it’s exactly that. At least I’ll have some breathing space for a while, before everything starts piling up again.