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December 4, 2011 / encompassky

2 Months in…*edit: 3 months actually. I’m losing the sense of time…*

Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, BUT WITH GOOD REASON.

Things are just going so fast and hectic that BAMM it’s the mid-terms and = no life for a while. Even as I’ve finished the last of my mid-terms now, the shadow of the finals start creeping in and one minute passed means I have one less minute to study, which means that I should make use of my time and not dwell on the internet anymore than necessary.

Not possible though.

But anyways I’m way too full to sleep now and I feel like I haven’t rambled for a while so here goes.

Starting with the reason why I’m so full. So Mom and Bro came over last week for the holidays, and tonight we went for dinner at this all-you-can-eat hotpot place. It’s been super cold these days so it’s really nice to have something steamy and warm. But the thing about all-you-can-eats is that I always stuff myself and then feel like shit afterwards.

But the food is soooo good. There is no motivation to control my diet at all.

Anyhoo. I’ve pretty much moved into the dorm now. It’s cool how I can have a room to myself, bathroom and all. Plus a mini-fridge too. I still have a few boxes of stuff unpacked, but those are clothes that I’d need only when I’m about to freeze to death, so I can’t be arsed to unpack them now. (oh gawd I just burped right now and my breath still smells of the hotpotness..)

Since the last post so much happened: Went on a 3D2N trip to 依蘭 Yilan with OCSA, went on a field trip to this weird mountainous areas to look at ancientness for our archaeology class, designed the class tee, broke my mac and got it fixed again, studied my ass off (I forgot when was the last time I’d studied so much), read and written more chinese in these 3 months than I’d EVER had in my entire life so far…

And I’ve joined the Rock Club. Heh.

It’s funny because I suck at guitar, and yet somehow I managed to cheat my way into being involved in the recital XD It’s on Christmas eve and the group that I’m part of we’re playing three songs, one of which is this:

…which is insanely difficult. And fast.

Did I mention that it’s FAST.

I was just trying out the verse parts and my fingers feel like they’re gonna dislocate and fly off my hand any moment. And I haven’t even got to practicing the solo yet.

But dang it’s fun to play in a band. All the excitement that I felt while watching BECK just floods over me whenever I pick up my guitar. Hopefully I won’t suck as much this time next year.

(And for some reason there’s fireworks going on outside right now even though it’s ten minutes to 3am…guess that’s taiwan for you)

I guess I’ll end here for now because I just looked at the clock and it’s 4 hours before waking up time and I’ve probably already digested as much as I could for the night. Should head to bed now.


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  1. Yadi (@blackbrownsocks) / Dec 16 2011 12:23 pm

    I realised this is late, but have you considered playing bass instead? Cos they tend to have less notes…

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